Decentralized Exchange

Jovee Infotech is the India’s First Software Company to develop a Decentralized Exchange platform using 0x protocol. We provides safe, secure, transparent and easy to deploy Decentralized Exchange solutions which interns gives better ROI, popularity, huge, customer base.


Cryptocurrency have become household name and second alternate investment in current world, though there is a down trend in crpyto market, many organization are focusing on ICO (Initial Coin Offering) rather than conventional IPO (Initial Public Offering). This ICO's are needed to be here (or) listed in cryptocurrency exchanges which operates or centralized.

Why Decentralized Exchanges

In a exchange transactions are the backbone of the cryptocurrency market, and current exchanges pose a weak link in the philosophy of cryptocurrency. The important functions of any exchange are capital deposits, order books, order matching, and asset exchange. To create a fully decentralized exchange (DEX), all said functions must be decentralized. In the conventional exchanges, only the asset exchange is decentralized, since the assets are cryptocurrencies deployed on a ​ blockchain so no central entity controls, but rest of the three functions, and mainly capital deposits,is usually centralized. Most of the regulatory body enforces to get ​ KYC (know your customer) and to adhere to AML (Anti-Money Laundering) regulations, so conventional crypto exchanges are often required to collect users identities for capital deposits, which creates centralized record collection and data-storage of personal information, secondly after fulfilling all needs then only , centralized exchanges give users permission to transact currencies, rather than providing a permissionless ecosystem. So in all level, decentralization means that there is no centrally-controlled server(s) or authority and the networks nodes are distributed.


● Uses latest 0x protocol

● No need to have huge Infra bills

● Reduce customer support desk cost

● No need of maintaining customer database, we use MetaMask for logging in for end customers

● Our solutions is Instant and deliverable solution

● No accumulation of deposits in cold wallet,Thus the wallet being safe from security breaches

● Wrapping and unwrapping of Erc20 to WETH

● No issues in Withdrawals due to transaction verification issues, hot wallet maintenance, lack of liquidity and so forth

● Listing unpopular coins

● Transparent orderbook

● 30 days support

The Technology - Ox Protocol

0x is an open protocol that is designed to offer a decentralized exchange as part of the Ethereum blockchain. It defines the rules that the exchange need to start trading it easy to communicate with each other parties. 0x is made using a protocol that involves Ethereum smart contracts that allow those around the world to run a decentralized exchange. The team behind 0x strongly believes that in the future, you will find thousands of tokens from Ethereum and that 0x can provide an efficient and trustworthy way to exchange them. 0x is designed to be different from both centralized and decentralized exchanges, providing the best possible combination of features. The Protocol is simply a set of rules used by two or more parties to make it easy to communicate with each other. This is a message format for two parties to exchange tokens. So,There is a no intermediator between transactions,they would now be able to exchange directly with one another.

Why we use 0X

● It offers networked liquidity
● It offers flexible integration
● It support for all Ethereum Standards

Networked Liquidity

Similar to network effects, the phenomenon where a product or service gains additional value as more people use it, decentralized networked liquidity aggregates liquidity pools from projects built on Øx for enhanced utility and value.

Flexible Integration

0x is a Standard System that enables business and Projects to easily add exchange functionality to any product experience.

Support for all Ethereum Standards

ERC-20: ERC stands for Ethereum Request for Comment, and 20 is assigned to this ERC-20 Request. ERC-20 is used for implementing tokens which can be used for smart contracts in Ethereum blockchain.

Advantages of Decentralized Exchange

Lately many number of countries have been imposing strict laws and regulation on cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency exchanges. Countries such as Chile and India are also issuing banking embargos on cryptocurrency businesses. Peer to peer networks that decentralized exchanges have to offer are often a great solution to government hostility as they are not located at a single location and cannot be ‘banned’ or ‘outlawed’.
There is no signup required for all your blockchain transaction in Jovee’s Decentralized Exchange platform. It is a secured identity vault.
Our cryptocurrency exchange uses 0x protocol technology, it is offer real time trading cryptocurrency in off-chain with secure transaction.
Our Decentralized Exchange supports multiple languages so you don’t need worry about servicing global customer according the language prefered.

Why Choose Jovee

● We will assist you to build a exchange business without any technical know how

● Time bound delivery

● Most competitive price in a market

● Free technical support for one month

● End to End support and free technical support for one month

If you are interested in our Decentralized Exchange solutions and you have any queries on it kindly feel free to contact us or drop a mail.

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